More than words, we need action. As a brand that serves an extraordinary and diverse community, we are committed to making a difference within our community and out in the world.

Simply put, we’re getting to work.

Over the last year, we have been working on a large scale initiative to invest in supporting women and non-binary people’s pursuit of higher education and empowerment. 

As a first step, we are committed to monthly donations to equity-based approached programs for women and non-binary people. Some charities we are affiliated with include:

  • Girls Not Brides
  • Dress for Success
  • Big Sisters


We also know that meaningful change comes from looking within our own walls. We recognize the need to do better. In the immediate term, we are:

  • Listening to our team to make informed and thoughtful internal improvements
  • Actively increasing diversity within the organization
  • Continuing to feature models of all ethnicities and skin tones
  • Pledging to work with more Black contributors and creatives


We are privileged with the opportunity to take action and are excited to continue working towards the change that needs to be seen. Stay tuned for more exciting details to come.


Paige Sandher

CEO + Co-Founder